Smoke Wagon

Smoke Wagon Straight Bourbon Whiskey

$34.99 USD

Distilled By: Nevada H&C Distilling Co
Aged For: No Age Statement
Proof: 82.5
Year: Current Production
Size(ML): 750


2021 & 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition Double Gold Winner!

Just released in fall of 2019, the goal was to create an affordable everyday bourbon that had that unique and unmistakable Smoke Wagon flavor, consisting of delicate sweet notes with a rye spice finish. Barrels with our same high rye mash bill were racked on the top two floors of the warehouse and never rotated.

The higher the floor the hotter it gets in the summer causing more expansion and more movement into the wood. Because we don’t chill filter, these combined aspects create a bourbon that is rich and creamy beyond its years. Never rotating the barrels ensures there are no harsh tannin flavors and the high rye mash bill adds a delightfully spicy and nutty finish.

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