Wild Turkey

Russell’s Reserve Single Rickhouse

$629.00 USD
Distilled By: Wild Turkey
Aged For: Not Disclosed
Proof: 112.4
Year: Current Production
Size(ML): 750



Russell’s Reserve Single Rickhouse is a unique bourbon, bottled from a small batch of 72 barrels from one single rickhouse, Camp Nelson C. Aged on the optimal center cut floors 3 and 4, bottled at 112.4 barrel proof, and non-chill filtered, this rich and decadent bourbon delivers a delicious, yet unexpected blend of flavors that captures the essence and spirit of its roots.  Inspired by the unique conditions of the rickhouses at the Wild Turkey Distilling Co, the Russell Family proudly introduces the Single Rickhouse collection, featuring a limited release of liquid from a single rickhouse. This collection explores the often unsung contributions specific resting places have on a whiskey’s final character, celebrating varied nuances of whiskey aging across these different environments. The rickhouse featured in the inaugural release, Camp Nelson C, has since been dismantled - making this unique bottling truly one of a kind.

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