Old 1889 Royal 12 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon

$599.00 USD

Distilled By: Heaven Hill (Prefire)
Aged For: 12 Years
Proof: 86
Year: 1977
Date Method: Label
Size(ML): 750


The Old 1889 brand is a historic bourbon brand, now owned by Heaven Hill. This bourbon was distilled at Meadowlawn distillery, and bottled in 1977. The site suffered a severe fire in 1966 and then burned down completely in 1971. They continued to bottle the brand until 1977 when their stock ran out and Heaven Hill acquired the label. Almost unbelievably, the Heaven Hill distillery in Bardstown also burned down in the mid-1990s. Heaven Hill's distillery operation has been located at Bernheim ever since, but the (cursed?) Old 1889 brand is conspicuous by its absence.

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