Michter's 10 Year Bourbon 2023

$429.00 USD

Distilled By: Michter's
Aged For: 10 Years
Proof: 94.4
Year: Varies based on stock
Size(ML): 750


Michter's 10 year bourbon is a 10-year old Bourbon made by Michter's. "Michter's produces some of the finest small-batch bourbon whiskey on the planet. This 10 Year Old Single Barrel is no exception, with a beautiful harmonious balance of sweetness and earthiness, the flavor harks back to the early techniques used by Michter's master distillers and is exceptionally refined and undeniably robust. With a dark caramel, molasses-like color and mouthfeel akin to butter, as well as overbearing toffee and vanilla on the palate, this is a remarkable bourbon whiskey that must be tasted to be believed." Years vary based on stock.

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