Whiskey Thief

John Parrott Barrel Proof Straight Bourbon Whiskey

$185.50 USD

Proof: 108
Year: Current Production 
Size(ML): 750


John Parrott joined the order in the summer of 1855 prior to the start of the fall term. He was the first corresponding secretary and in the spring of 1856 was elected the first Vice President. Parrot was instrumental in the establishment of the second chapter of the order where his brother and cousin were founding members. John Parrot is unique in the history of the order – first initiate, first affiliate and the brother that assured of the transfer of the spirit of the order from the first chapter to the second. He died on Oct 11, 1864, as a result of his service in the Civil war.

SK Spirits was founded with the understanding that in a rapidly changing world, the one thing that will never change is the courage and convictions of a person’s character. The founding Brothers of SK Spirits wanted to pay respect to the Brotherhood that shaped and formed their character, so in forming SK Spirits these Brothers vowed to give back more than they received from their Order. SK Spirits donates part of the purchase price of every bottle back to the Order’s charitable foundation to ensure that future Brothers are able to have the same leadership, scholarship, and character building experiences that the founders of SK Spirits were privileged enough to enjoy. This bottle is dedicated to Friendship, Justice, Learning and in the words of Freddy Johnson “leaving the cork out.” 

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