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J&B 3 Bottle Pack (Straight out of Kiddish, Hennigan's, Honey, I'm Fershnickered)

$270.00 USD

Jews & Booze 3 Bottle Pack Includes:

  • 1x "Hennigan's" - J&B ~5.5 year barleywine barrel finished, staved MGP wheated bourbon
  • 1x "Straight Outta Kiddush" - J&B ~5.5 year staved MGP wheated bourbon
  • 1x "Honey, I'm Fershnickered" - J&B ~9 year, 4 month MGP bourbon finished in a wildflower honey barrel for 6 weeks

What's better than two bottles selected by Jews & Booze? How about three! Now you can try 3 wonderful, unique bottles that are not only delicious, but are sure to be a conversation starter. 

"Straight Outta Kiddush" Tasting Notes:

Nose: Pecan pie, the crumble part of apple crumble, caramel.
Palate: Outta the way, OWA! For those that lean towards wheated bourbons, this whiskey is your ace. Saccharine pixie stick sweetness jumps out first and has caramel nipping at its ass trying to get into first. Cola and vanilla are not far behind, joined by some fruity ester notes that are probably from a made up fruit -- or at least not one that this writer has had.  
Finish: Long, still sweet with cola flavors in there too. For the age and mash bill, you'll be hard pressed to find better. Add an ice cube to this one and serve it to your spouse who "can't stand bourbon" and they'll still not like bourbon but they'll say that this is their favorite.

    "Hennigan's" Tasting Notes:

    Nose: Pink Mr. Sketch marker, etrog and cinnamon.
    Palate: Bazooka (with the Hebrew cartoons, obviously), cherry candy, cinnamon start it off but then it gets really interesting. There are two mid-palate notes -- one is wintergreen and it's gentle but the larger one is green apple candy, like maybe a Jolly Rancher. The mid-palate lasts only long enough to leave an impression before it cruises towards notes of maple, burnt sugar and anise in the back.
    Finish: Long. Persistent. Kinda like Saturday shul if you hit the bottle too hard on a Friday night.

      "Honey, I'm Fershnickered" Tasting Notes:

      Nose: caramel corn, brown butter, rickhouse.
      Palate: It's a honey sandwich with those notes dominating the front and back of the Palate. The middle of palate has contrasting flavors of corn mash, black pepper, root beer and pie crust. And then more honey.
      Finish: medium in length and fairly complex

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