Jersey Artisan

J&B Hennigan's

$90.00 USD


"Hennigan's" - J&B ~5.5 year barleywine barrel finished, staved MGP wheated bourbon picked by  private Jews and Booze group. Finished for 2 months in a barrel that previously held their previous barleywine beer release and their dark pumpernickel rye release before that. 

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Pink Mr. Sketch marker, etrog and cinnamon. Palate: Bazooka (with the Hebrew cartoons, obviously), cherry candy, cinnamon start it off but then it gets really interesting. There are two mid-palate notes -- one is wintergreen and it's gentle but the larger one is green apple candy, like maybe a Jolly Rancher. The mid-palate lasts only long enough to leave an impression before it cruises towards notes of maple, burnt sugar and anise in the back. Finish: Long. Persistent. Kinda like Saturday shul if you hit the bottle too hard on a Friday night.

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