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J&B 2 Bottle Set (Curb your En-booze-iasm, Straight Outta Kiddush)

$200.00 USD

Jews & Booze 2 Bottle Set Includes:

  • 1x "Curb your En-booze-iasm" - J&B ~ 9yr 6mo
  • 1x "Straight Outta Kiddush" - J&B ~5.5 year staved MGP wheated bourbon

"Curb your En-booze-iasm" Tasting Notes:

Nose: Stroopwafel, maple syrup, cinnamon and an undeniable scent of honey.
Palate: This pour begins fruit-forward with suggestions of bramble berries and unmistakable cherry, like the bright red cherries you'd find in school fruit cocktail. The mid-palate has subtle cinnamon and nutmeg notes, which are followed by honey in back, accompanied by a nice surprise. There's some true age to this whiskey. While fairly subtle, it takes on the flavors often seen in the 15-25 year Heaven Hill and Stitzel-Weller releases, including rich dried fruits and just a little bit of grandma's attic, in a really good way. You'll have to dig a little bit to find it but once you do, it's what gives this one a place on the top shelf.
Finish: Medium in length, showcasing the sweeter notes

"Straight Outta Kiddush" Tasting Notes:

Nose: Pecan pie, the crumble part of apple crumble, caramel.
Palate: Outta the way, OWA! For those that lean towards wheated bourbons, this whiskey is your ace. Saccharine pixie stick sweetness jumps out first and has caramel nipping at its ass trying to get into first. Cola and vanilla are not far behind, joined by some fruity ester notes that are probably from a made up fruit -- or at least not one that this writer has had.  
Finish: Long, still sweet with cola flavors in there too. For the age and mash bill, you'll be hard pressed to find better. Add an ice cube to this one and serve it to your spouse who "can't stand bourbon" and they'll still not like bourbon but they'll say that this is their favorite.

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