High West

High West High Country American Single Malt Whiskey

$84.00 USD

Distilled By: High West
Aged For: 
Batch: 22J11
Proof: 88
Year: 2022
Size(ML): 750



High West High Country is bottled NCF (Non-Chill Filtered) at 44% ABV (88 proof) and is described as having aromas of “fig jam on toast points, whole grain waffles with honey drizzle, cracked walnut shells, dried wildflowers, and cedar.” The palate has notes of “honeyed cereal, crème caramel custard, almond macaroons, toasted biscuits with herbal jelly, and subtle banana taffy.” It concludes with “cola, chocolate wafer, and ginger marmalade” on the finish.

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